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Take Back Your Shelter From The Storm

You worked hard at your job, invested your hard-earned money, built your small business, insured your property, made good decisions.  And now you find your hard work threatened – whether as a result of catastrophic injury, civil rights violations, fraud, breach of contract, or finding that your trusted advisors didn’t deserve your trust after all.  Abernethy Law specializes in helping you regain your security and the life you worked so hard to build.

Located in Central North Carolina, Abernethy Law works with its clients to solve civil disputes efficiently and effectively.  Kathryn F. Abernethy has experience resolving disputes in civil litigation, administrative forums, arbitration, mediation and on appeal.  While Kathryn Abernethy cares deeply about every client the firm accepts for representation, as a woman lawyer she has a particularly keen interest in representing women in cases in which explaining their situation to a male attorney may be uncomfortable.

The types of cases Abernethy Law focuses on include:

  • Personal injury, including injuries from the use of prescription drugs or medical devices;
  • False advertising, unfair trade practices and consumer fraud;
  • Civil rights and Title IX cases, including advocating for victims of sexual assault and violence;
  • Insurance coverage of your business, life, home, automobile or property;
  • Contract and warranty litigation, including disputes with vendors, service providers, subcontractors, and sellers of defective goods;
  • Health care billing, including disputes with health insurers and Medicare appeals;
  • Professional negligence of accountants, auditors, financial advisors, brokers and other learned professionals;
  • Civil appeals, including the submission of amicus curiae briefs for trade associations or community groups.

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