Business Litigation

Small businesses often have the hardest time securing legal representation that meet their unique needs.  On the one hand, you may not be large enough to afford the pay-by-the-hour services of a large law firm when you have a legal problem.  On the other hand, your legal problems often involve the same level of legal and factual complexity as the cases routinely handled by the “big firms.”  Further, litigation is often a matter of survival for small, family-owned businesses.  One lawsuit can make the difference between your small business continuing to thrive and financial catastrophe for your entire family.

Kathryn Abernethy has more than a decade of experience litigating “bet-the-company” cases for breach of contract, unfair trade practices, fraud, negligent misrepresentation, tortious interference, and cases brought under similar legal theories.  She has litigated business cases across the country, from New York to San Francisco and from Detroit to Dallas.  She is also committed to making legal fees fair, easy to understand, and proportional to the task at hand.  If you are a small business owner with a problem requiring a litigation solution, contact Abernethy Law to discuss how you can get the representation you need for a price you can afford.