Civil Rights & Title IX

Abernethy Law is passionate about civil rights, particularly the rights of women and children.  In addition to her years of courtroom experience, Kathryn Abernethy has taken training and received certification in both Illinois and Missouri to counsel and assist victims of domestic and sexual violence.

Kathryn Abernethy is not afraid to take on large institutions and governments.  Indeed, her past client representations include lawsuits brought against North Carolina municipalities and federal agencies.  She is also one of a handful of North Carolina lawyers to have argued before the North Carolina Court of Appeals in a case involving General Statutes Section 99D, which provides a private civil action for victims of harassment or violence based on their race, religion, ethnicity or gender.

Civil rights cases are often legally complicated, and require clear thinking and persuasive argument.  Kathryn Abernethy has significant experience arguing complicated issues of first impression at both the trial court and appellate court levels.  No matter how novel the issue or how legally complicated, Kathryn can help you understand your options and assist you with taking action to protect your exercise of your civil rights.